Amaya De Vleeschauwer
Creative Producer


Amaya is a creative hybrid who was born and raised in Germany and found her passion in creative marketing and account management. Her ambition is to bring new and compelling experiences to clients, using organization and imagination as a driving force.

​Professional Background

With expertise in account management, creative services and experiential marketing, Amaya has worked with several agencies such as Edelman in NYC, Everlast Productions, StreetAttack and WDD. She has created immersive and tangible experiences for brands such as LexisNexis, Samsung, Pepsi, Viacom, Bacardi and PBR. In addition to her role at WDD, she is the cofounder and Creative Director of JOYA Productions and Director of Experience at M.AD School of Ideas Punta Cana, where she is developing bootcamp curriculums and student involvements to enhance the school‘s overall experience.


Amaya holds a Master of Science in Mass Communication from Florida International University in Miami.