We offer a suite of in-flight services for every leg of your transformation journey


Organization Design, Executive Search & Recruitment

We combine art & science in a proprietary methodology that leverages digital tools and assessments to design the organizations; build the design, innovation and experience capabilities; and recruit the leadership talent and teams you need to accelerate transformation, innovate and grow.

Domains, Industries & Sectors

Smart Cities, Smart Infrastructure, Future of Mobility, Autonomous Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, Connected Vehicle Services, Mobility-as-a-Service, Customer/Passenger Experience, Smart Homes, E-commerce, Virtual Reality, AI Platforms, Big Data and Internet of Things, among others. Automotive, Mobility & Transportation, Technology, Financial Services, FinTech, CPG, Education, Fashion, Apparel & Footwear, Sports, Retail, E-commerce, Internet, Media & Entertainment, Education, B2B & Industrial, Kitchen & Bath, Luxury, Travel & Tourism, and Government.


Experience Design, Digital Design, UX Design, UI Design, Business Design, Service Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, Corporate Branding, Consumer Branding, Brand Design, Package Design, Retail Design, Experiential Design, and Environmental Design.

Levels & Titles

CEOs, Executive Leadership, General Management, General and Senior Management, Directors, Managers, and Leads.


Design Research, Strategy and Planning, Design and Creative Direction, Marketing, Business Development, Communications, Account and Program Management, and Design Operations.

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Purpose-Led Strategy & Operations Consulting

Whether you need greater lift for your digital transformation or need to get it off the ground, we can help. Vee helps you align and integrate your strategy and organizational capabilities with your purpose; develops flight plans to chart the course; delivers playbooks and tool kits to drive purpose-led transformation; and provides the rocket fuel to activate your purpose.

Flight plans to integrate & operationalize purpose

Strategy and playbooks to drive purpose-led business, brand & product innovation

Rocket fuel to clarify, amplify & activate purpose

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Diagnostic Products & Tools

People and data-science powered tools for stakeholder alignment, talent assessment & selection, dashboards and analytics to inform and measure diversity recruitment strategies, recruitment process & candidate experience optimization.

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